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Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP)

We Offer a Full Range of ESOP Services

ESOPs can benefit companies if they are structured appropriately and carefully. That's where Financial Concepts makes a difference. We work with corporate clients and their advisors to help them feel comfortable with their plans and understand their options. Our dedicated team of Financial Advisors, supported by ESOP professionals, can assist companies through the ESOP process. We can help businesses to:

  • Conduct a preliminary feasibility study to explore the viability of an ESOP.
  • Help identify and evaluate possible risks.
  • Explore and explain various ways to structure the ESOP transaction, including analyzing both C and S corporation scenarios.
  • Detail the financing options available.
  • Coordinate all steps leading up to the actual funding and stock purchase.
  • Coordinate the activities of all parties involved in order to help manage costs.
  • Analyze the key executive incentive plan.
  • Conduct education sessions and communicate the rollout to all employees.
  • Offer solutions on repurchase obligation issues.